Elexpert is considered one of the leading experts in the field of electricity costing and pricing in Southern Africa.

Hendrik Barnard is the Managing Director.

  • He holds a B-Engineering electricity and an MBL from Unisa.
  • He has been practicing in the electricity supply industry for more than 30 years.

Specific Services


  • Ringfencing electricity business units: From local government or Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Dynamic cost of supply analysis:

  • By usage profile, voltage, customer category etc.

Pricing Policy development: 

  • Principles, objectives, subsidisation, viability.

Pricing strategy development: 

  • Cost reflective, price incentive, special deals.

Tariff analysis and approval:

  • Total revenue requirement, impact studies, etc.

Subsidy analysis and policy formulation:

  • Electrification, rural, geographic.

Product packaging and support: 

  • Implementation guidelines, training, pamphlets.

Demand side management / Energy management

  • Strategy development and system specifications, solar geysers, Time of Use tariffs.

Utility sales strategy: 

  • Strategic growth, conservation, load shape changes.

Pricing Training:

  • Pricing Training: Stellenbosch Electricity Pricing Course.