• These lights can be retrofit on most of current metal fittings which are already installed which makes it cheaper.
  • This includes: high bays, low bays, bulk heads, floodlights and streetlights.
  • The same structure can be used for power ratings from 40 Watt up to 450 Watts.
  • Other suppliers use complete new fittings which use much more materials, are more expensive and environmentally less friendly

Highest efficiency

  • The Elexpert lights make use of forced cooling (fan and heat sink) whereas the competition uses natural cooling.
  • This means that the surface temperature is about 20 degrees C lower than the competition which uses natural cooling.
  • This means that the light maintenance is significantly better (85% light output maintenance after 40 000 hours) and LED life is extended significantly.
  • Despite the electricity usage by the fan, it means that the LED’s operate at a higher level of efficiency, thus giving more Lumens than the competition.
  • The Elexpert lights also offer daylight harvesting thus saving even more power in cases where some natural light is available during the day.

Modular / easy replacement

  • The Elexpert LED lights are modular. This means that the globe can be screwed out  from the fitting as with the existing globes.
  • This makes it easy to simply replace the unit when faulty.
  • This also means that customers can keep spares and change these when something fails and later exchange with new.
  • The high bay globes can be changed with a telescopic stick with power on and without the need for lifts up to a height of 10 meters.
  • The system is modular and in time the LED’s can be replaced with the latest technology without having to change the whole fitting.

Local manufacture

  • A significant part of the Elexpert LED’s are local manufactured.
  • Because these lights can retrofit with existing light fittings (mostly made in South Africa), it means that this part also remains local.
  • The LED’s and fans are still being imported, as these are high tech and require very high volume to be competitive.
  • The drivers have been designed and are being manufactured in South Africa.
  • Moulds have been made, thus enabling local manufacture of the base of the light.
  • This ensures local job creation and economic stimulation and enables that repairs can be done locally.
  • Most of these lights have been tested by SABS.
  • Specific light requirements, such as is required in the narrow passages, can be customised on the same base at very low cost because of local development and manufacture.