Shop Conditions

The following Conditions are applicable to buying Elexpert goods making use of the online shop:

  • All Prices quoted are excluding Vat. Vat will therefore be added.
  • Payments via direct Bank transfer (EFT) will be at the stated prices.
  • Delivery in South Africa is charged at a flat rate.
  • Delivery outside of South Africa will be quoted on separately.
  • Goods on stock will be delivered within 7 days from date of payment.
  • Goods not on stock need to be ordered and terms will be quoted.
  • Standard waiting period for goods not on stock is 2 months but it can be less.
  • Discounts can be negotiated for large volumes.
  • Any special requirements can also be considered, these need to be discussed.
  • The standard guarantee conditions will apply to all products.



Elexpert manufactures’ LED lights and related fittings.  It also sells some products that are locally manufactured by other manufacturers.  All of these products carry some form of guarantee depending on the specific model.

This paper details exactly what is guaranteed and the process to be followed to ensure a successful claim.  It is important to understand that Elexpert considers its reputation as paramount and will not jeopardise that name by not honouring legitimate claims.

The products provided by alternative suppliers are backup up by the same guarantee provided by Elexpert.


The majority of Elexpert manufactured products contains the following components that will  be covered by the guarantee is as follows:

  • A constant current driver.
  • A LED Circuit On Board (COB).
  • A COB holder with wires.
  • A lens with mounting.
  • A DC fan.
  • Aluminium heat sink.
  • A basic fitting for all the components.
    • Al screw base.
    • A Nylon backing base and inside sleeve.
    • A Brass rod with thread.
    • Wires, mostly with silicon insulation.
    • Connecting lugs and screws.
    • Some auxiliary equipment.

This guarantee will be provided as per purchase made and as from the purchase date.


This section highlights the risks which this guarantee will be exposed to:

  • Light output level not sustained as specified.
  • The light fails intermittently or in total.

The key factors which can cause such failures are listed as follows:

  • Design failure. This could include the following:
    • If the life expectancy of the various components are less than the guarantee period. This is not the case in any respect.
    • If the rate of output deterioration is not as good as that specified under the extrapolated situation.
  • Actual failure to meet light output:
    • If particular components of the light does not perform according to specification.
    • If the temperature is higher than expected in the design case.
  • Total failure of the light:
    • If any of the connections come loose.
    • If any of the driver components fail.
    • If the LED fails.
    • If the fan fails,
      • the unit will overheat which will cause the LED to overheat thus causing its life to be drastically reduced.
      • the driver also contain its own overheating protection.

Exact Guarantee Cover

This section stipulates exactly what will be guaranteed.  This identifies what risks are included.

Elexpert, guarantees that its driver and light will materially conform to the applicable Elexpert quoted specifications (“Specifications”) for such Product for the guarantee period from the purchase date.

This limited guarantee applies only to the party purchasing the lights from Elexpert and not to indirect purchasers or users or other third parties or transferees.

Subject to the limitations and exclusions of this guarantee, as the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, Elexpert will, at its sole discretion, ship the same or functionally equivalent or better replacement Products or provide a refund of the net price paid to Elexpert (less depreciation based on a guarantee period depreciation schedule), in exchange for Products returned to Elexpert which Elexpert has verified at its sole discretion to not materially conform during the guarantee period to Specifications.

Except for the express guarantees stated herein, all products, services, and any other materials provided by Elexpert are provided on an “as is” basis, without any guarantee or condition of any kind, whether express, Implied, or statutory.


This section stipulates what risks are excluded from the guarantee.  This guarantee will not cover for the following:

  • Elexpert’s obligations to honour any applicable guarantee as set forth herein, is Contingent upon Elexpert’s receipt of payment in full for the product(s) entitled to the guarantee.
  • Problems caused during the installation process and during the period that the customer is withholding final payment of the contract price with Elexpert.
  • Cost of changing the lights and / or drivers.
  • The foregoing limited guarantee does not apply to, and Elexpert has no liability or obligation with respect to, any Product:
    • damaged by abuse, accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, improper power supply, power surges or dips, induced vibrations, environmental contaminants, repair, disaster, mishandling, transit, acts of God, maintenance, alteration, or testing;
    • caused to fail by any product or component not supplied by Elexpert, operation or use outside of the applicable specifications, failure to follow prescribed operating, maintenance, installation, assembling, handling or environmental instructions, or any other cause external to the Products or beyond the range of normal use of the Products
    • or provided to Customer as a sample.
  • Elexpert is not responsible or liable for the wrongful, unlawful or negligent acts of its employees or nominees and is not responsible for any consequential loss arising there from.
  • In no event shall Elexpert be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive, consequential, or Other damages of any kind arising out of or related to the products, including without limitation, labour And/or equipment charges required to remove and/or reinstall original or replacement products, even if Elexpert has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages.
  • Elexpert’s total cumulative liability to Customer with respect to a non‐conforming product shall in no event exceed the price paid by customer for the Non‐conforming product.
  • Elexpert Expressly disclaims any and all implied warranties of quality, merchantable quality, merchantability, fitness For a particular purpose, title, and non‐ Customer shall not rely on any representation or Guarantee with respect to the products that is not expressly set forth or referred to in this guarantee Statement.

Causes of Failures Covered

The only factors which are not excluded  and are thus covered by the guarantee relate to light failure.  This can be the following:

  • Fan failure. This be due to failure of the fan itself.
  • LED not sustaining specified light output or failing totally. This could be fan failure, or bad manufacture.
  • Driver failure. This could be due to component, PC board or mounting faults.
  • Loss of power. This could be due to bad connection anywhere in the light.

Light Components

To understand the risk of failure and repair, the risk of the different components failing and the relative costs are analysed.  The biggest components that can fail and have a big impact on the cost are as follows:

  • LED’s. This makes up more than 15% of the price.  It has the biggest risk of failure especially if the environment is extremely hot or the fan fails.
  • The driver. This makes up more than 23% of the total price.  This could fail due to the multitude of components and possibility of manufacture faults.
  • The fan. This only makes up about 2% of the price but could cause the LED or driver to fault due to overheating.  This could be caused by a manufacturing fault or a very hot or dirty environment.

All these components carry their own supplier guarantee.  The suppliers have similar conditions to Elexpert in that claims would only honoured if the lights were used as prescribed.  If however it does fail, the cost to fix is not that exorbitant and can be managed by Elexpert.

Claim Process 

This section stipulates the process to be followed by the customer to claim.

Customer must direct any guarantee claims to Elexpert; provided that, Customer

(a) notifies Elexpert in writing within thirty (30) days after discovery of the failure to materially meet the applicable Specifications;

(b) Customer obtains an Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Elexpert prior to returning any Non‐ Conforming Products; and

(c) the Non‐Conforming Products are received by Elexpert no later than two (2) weeks following the last day of the applicable guarantee period.

Any such replacement Products will not extend the guarantee period.

If Customer discovers during the guarantee period that a Product fails to materially conform to the applicable Specifications, to make a guarantee claim Customer must promptly request a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) from Elexpert (providing a detailed description of the defect or non‐conformity) for the return and Elexpert inspection of the Non‐Conforming Product. Such Non‐ Conforming Products must be returned in accordance with Elexpert’s published procedures and packaging standards, freight prepaid, applying the RMA number to the outside of the packaging.

Customer is required to prepay shipping charges and all duties and taxes for Products returned to Elexpert under this limited guarantee.

For validated guarantee claims, Elexpert will reimburse Customer for any return shipment of replacement Products to Customer.


All lights plus power supplies and installation carry an exchange Guarantee of 3 years depending on specific product.  To facilitate this process customers can be provided with some additional units (charged) which can be exchanged by the customer.  The faulty units will then replace free of charge.  This will be on site within one month.  The cost of changing the light or power supply will be for the account of the customer.

If any of the units fault after the Guarantee period, the same process will apply except that a fee will be charged to collect / install / replace / repair the faulty components.  It is important to note that only the faulty components will be replaced and be charged for.